Lead Conversion: Building Your Pipeline

7-Day Lead Conversion Plan: Building Your Pipeline All Year Long

When it comes to the fall and winter seasons, you need to do everything you can to keep your business booming all the way through the end of the year. Do you have a strategy for turning your leads into real-world clients?

How you respond to and manage your leads can be the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity. But knowing how to make a stellar impression and engage a lead can be a challenge. With this 7-day action plan, you can master the smart strategies that will help you convert your leads to clients.

Day 1: Respond fast with the information your lead requested.

First impressions are everything. The quicker you respond, the higher your likelihood connecting with your lead. Responding to a lead within minutes can double your chances of conversion. Remember! Data shows that potential clients view an agent’s responsiveness as a proxy for quality.

Insider’s 3-Step Action Plan:

1. Make an Introduction Call—Always leave a voicemail and set expectations with the
potential client. Address any specific questions and let them know when and in what
format they can expect to receive any subsequent materials. Now is your chance to show
them why you’re the expert agent they need! Go above and beyond!

2. Send a Follow-Up Email—Maximize responses from your leads by following-up your
call with an email. Recap the main points discussed in your conversation or that you
detailed in your voicemail. Save time by creating a quick text template in your eEdge.

3. Prove Your Value—Give your incoming leads what they want! Deliver a broad
Comparative Market Analysis, home estimate or market report by leveraging Market Leader Pro to prospective buyers and sellers. And make sure they get it! You’ll want to email a copy, print a copy to mail, and—to really go above and beyond—hand deliver a copy.

Day 3: Keep working your leads.

Now’s the time to stay top-of-mind by continuing to send and share valuable materials that are related to the lead’s home buying or selling stage.

1. Call and Leave a Message—Follow up with your lead with a second phone call or voice
message. Thank them for contacting you. Ask them what they though of the home value
estimate or the market report that you sent them on Day 1.

2. Mail a hand-written note—The personal touch of a handwritten thank you note
reinforces your commitment to the client. It also helps you go from just another agent
online to a real person who can really help the buyer or seller with their home journey.

3. Email recommended or active listings for the local neighborhood – For buyers, look
closely at listings that the buyer expressed interest in, or go back to your notes about
what home features the buyer finds attractive. Use your eEdge system to send several
recommended listings that fit that criteria. Now is the time to show the prospective client
that you really understand the type of property they are interested in. For sellers, send
active listings for comparable homes in the area. Add your own personal insights as far
as the listing price, market trends or home features and relate them back to the seller’s
own property.

Day 5: Send a local market reports.

Buyers and sellers don’t consider listings on their own – the state of the local market plays a big part in a buyer or seller deciding to actively look for or list a home. You need to share with them your insider knowledge about why now is the right time to buy or sell.

Insider’s Action Plan:

1. Send a zip-code based market report—Check out local market data at Trulia
Local—http://www.trulia.com/local/—or leverage your Market Insider feature within
Market Leader Pro.

2. Place your leads in an email nurturing campaign—Subscribe your leads to an ongoing
market report newsletter to help you establish your expertise and stay top-of-mind.
Consider bucketing your leads based on where they are in their home buying or selling
process and send them relevant information for that particular stage.

Day 7: Establish your go-forward plan.

In days one through five, you should have established yourself as a knowledgeable, committed and responsive real estate professional who is in tune with your potential client’s needs. Keep the momentum going!

Insider’s 3-Step Action Plan:

1. Call Again and Leave a Message—Follow-up is key! Call the prospective client and ask
them about the local market reports you sent on Day 5. Ask whether the information
helpful and about what other questions they may have. Now’s the time to keep the
conversation going.

2. Add the lead to a listing alert email—You’ve worked to refine and understand what
your lead is looking for. Add them to a listing alert email so they’re the first to know about
attractive listings that fit their criteria.

3. Add them into an on-going nurturing email, phone call and mail series—Start your
lead on your 8×8 or 33 Touch campaign to keep them up to speed!

Source: Trulia, Inc

This post has been authored by Eric Slifkin, REALTOR® serving South Florida’s Treasure Coast. You can reach me at 888-288-1765, or visit my Web site. As your resource for information on new or resale homes throughout the Treasure Coast, please be sure to contact me about any home you may find on the Web, yard sign or ad and I will research the property, arrange showings and handle all the details.