Internet Lead Conversion: Improving Results with Better Response Time

Improving Lead Conversion with Better Response Time and Consistent Follow up

When it comes to Internet lead conversion arguably the biggest challenge is follow up. If you are at all serious about leveraging the Web to increase business, you must continually follow up with prospective buyers who take the time to sign up at your site.

It is a no brainer when a lead provides a valid phone number (that’s maybe 10% of inbound leads) to call that prospect. If only an email address is provided then a reply is in order. If you are doing your job both types of leads go into a drip email campaign. Your CRM may even prompt you or the buyer to create a listing alert.

Many agents go no further than that, relying on the drip email or listing alerts to keep them top of mind. The result is often an unsubscribe because they found a home through Zillow, Trulia, or another agent’s Website.

A great example of an errant lead recently occurred within my own team when one of my buyer agents’ leads called me to see a house. When I checked the history, there was but one “welcome” email, even though this contact had been viewing leads for months. He found me on Zillow and had no recollection of the agent he was assigned to (another caveat: buyers are looking everywhere).

Only by following a regimen of consistent follow up can you ensure success working Internet leads. Check out this Infographic to see how lead response time effects lead conversion:

How Lead Response Time Effects Lead Conversion

How Lead Response Time Effects Lead Conversion