Mobile Real Estate: Don’t Forget About SMS

By Seth Kaplan

It seems every time I read a new article regarding mobile, there is some new technology that is taking over as the latest craze: photo recognition, augmented reality, mobile payments…and the list goes on. While these new technologies are great mobile marketing tools that have helped companies effectively reach users on their mobile device, they aren’t always the right answer for long-term mobile success. Sometimes, the best solution is to K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So, what am I getting at here? SMS. Since the emergence of mobile marketing, SMS has been a tried-and-true marketing method that has proven to work time and time again. It is a simple marketing strategy that allows you to reach a broad consumer base, not just smartphone users. With more than 97 percent of text messages being read, SMS is slowly becoming our preferred method of communication, as it’s quick and easy.

A recent case study from a popular NBC show highlights that 26,000 text messages were received from users in the first six months of 2013, averaging more than 4,000 text messages each month. What does this mean? It means that show now has 26,000 interactions that it didn’t have prior to introducing SMS into its marketing strategy. That’s a whole lot of prospects.

The mobile space can be complicated to navigate, but that doesn’t mean your mobile marketing strategy has to be. Often, we find success with simple, yet strategic, solutions. At Life in Mobile, we’re always here to help you with your mobile marketing needs. Feel free to reach out at any time so we can start working on your company’s mobile success.

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