Handy Tax Deduction App: Milebug

Handy Tax Deduction App: Milebug

Spend much time in your car for business? That’s a rhetorical question for most real estate agents I know. Realtors are some of the most mobile people I know. The miles can really add up, and when it comes tax time it’s important to get that accurate deduction! If you’ve recently completed your own taxes and have vowed not to let mileage slip away next year, read on!

If you’re still tracking your data in a little spiral notebook, this year might be the right time to upgrade to a more mobile solution: Milebug.

Milebug lets you easily log mileage for tax purposes. Check out some of the features:

-Use the Mileage Tracker for multiple businesses and multiple vehicles with a simple choice
-Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
-Choose either kilometers or miles
-Define custom rates for business, charity, medical and other
-Watch your deductions add up with each addition to your tip log
-Email HTML and Excel-friendly reports to your home computer

MileBug mileage tracker for iPhone or Android OS makes it easy to keep records for those who are always on the go, or who just want a central, simple place to keep track of their expenses and mileage.

Learn more about Milebug and download the app.:


I hope you find this helpful! I’d love to log a few miles right now showing you some of my newest listings. Why not drop me a line?