Business Building: Establish and Convey Your Message

Business Building: Establish and Convey Your Message

From the experts at ByDesign

As a real estate professional you are energetic, independent, relatable, hardworking, forward thinking, and you have a corner on the market. Right? But what good are these qualities and how you use them if no one knows who you are? Once you’ve identified the characteristics that make you distinctive, you need to market yourself to others. This process of communicating and promoting your unique value is called personal branding, and it’s most effective when paired with a message. So before you plaster online and in-person bulletin boards with your headshot and contact information, you’ll need to establish your message and convey it effectively. Here’s how.

Know your audience and get their attention. When conveying your message, make sure you know your audience. Your approach and voice should always be an honest reflection of you, but also identify the needs of your potential client. How you communicate with first-time homebuyers on a budget will be different from how you work with luxury homebuyers. Once you’ve identified your audience, capture their attention with a clever and appropriate tagline. Now you have the opportunity to tell them more.

Tell them what they need to know and what they get. You have a short window of time to make a first impression, so don’t pull any punches with your audience. Get right to the point and communicate what you offer and how it will benefit them. If you don’t provide anything they need, want, or admire, they’ll quickly lose interest. Consider your message from the point of view of potential clients and adjust it accordingly. And keep it simple. Use numbers, taglines, and basic but intelligent language, and avoid industry jargon.

Use multiple platforms. Convey your message using multiple yet targeted platforms to reach as many clients as possible. Brochures, postcards, personalized magazines, and other printed materials are great options to send to target clientele. (Include appropriate, high-quality photos as well to make these items visually appealing.) Also, consider your online presence with written or audio blogs, and online videos of home tours or useful industry tips.

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